Cloudbyz Clinical Trial Budget Management solution helps organizations gain visibility, insight, and control across clinical trials and studies. The solution helps in accelerating study budget management with high level of accuracy with faster cycle time. Cloudbyz R&D PPM enhances decision-making, maximize resource utilization, and increase operational efficiency.

Budget management is based on activity based planning with ability to define budget templates based on in-house research, outsources or combined and also support study specific or site specific budget.

Budget management also supports ability to define costs as per protocol site visit plans and procedures to calculate unit costs and aggregate to study or site level covering number of subjects, sites, IRB and site pass through costs.


Supports ability to define budgets at study level based on budget templates for various scenario including in-house research, outsourced or combined. Ability to support allocate budgets based on category, sites, subjects, subjects visits and monitoring visits.


Supports site budget creation management including setting fixed and pass through costs as well as visit and procedure costs for each subject visits. Both up front and subject visit costs are rolled up to provide total budget for site. Solution also auto generates payments for subject visit as per subject visit plan.


Solution provides automation and tracking on actual costs with integrated clinical trial management capabilities on site management, subject visit tracking, site monitoring, CRF and data collection and generates corresponding payments for each events automatically and helps roll-up those actual costs to site level and study level to provide visibility on budget vs actuals vs Forecasts


Solution supports activity based costing model at both study level and site level and helps to define costs at activity level such as per procedure, per visit, per subject and per site and then auto-roll up to study or site level. With pre-defined activity based budget templates, helps to accelerate creation of budgets based on best practices, therapeutic area, operation models etc


Solution supports ability to setup and manage activity based, sourcing based and therapeutic area based budget templates with pre-defined estimated costs, overhead assumptions etc to speed up budget creation for both study level and site level.


Solution is built 100% native on platform which comes with workflow automation, process builder, email alerts and approval processes to automate, roll-up, setup alerts and approval process to proactive management of clinical trial budget from starting to study closure and stay on top of clinical trial budgets any time with better controls.


Solution comes with pre-built roll-ups where budgets and costs are rolled up from tasks, procedures, subject visits payments, sites, pass through payments etc and provide real-time dashboard view about clinical trial budgets at any given point of time. Reports and dashboards are also available on mobile devices for any time and anywhere access to budgets, costs and forecast in real-time.


Solution comes with integrated clinical trial management capabilities where actual costs and payments are generated and solution alligns and rolls up actual costs through out the study to provide real-time visibility on budgeted costs, actual costs, variance and forecasts.


Solution is integrated with clinical trial management and investigator portal lets budget management team to collaborate with sites in real-time where team can share draft, review, negotiate and obtain approval electronically and once approved, generate finalized budget document and store in integrated eTMF. Collaboration process also automatically create payment plan for the site in-line with subject visit plan and auto generates the payments.


Solution is built 100% native on platform and integrated with clinical trial management, investigator portal, study start-up, patient recruitment and eTMF and comes with workflow automation and collaboration capabilities to provide real-time and seamless management of budget across clinical study to improve accuracy and efficiency.


Solution is built on cloud platform which is scalable to global clinical trial operations without investment in hardware or software and it is also configurable and flexible to accommodate various study, sponsor CRO and sponsor requirements. Solution is also scalable to accomodate different study phases, therapeutic area, indication and different operating models such as in-house research, outsourced and combined.


Solution is built on platform which comes with number of pre-defined reports and dashboards on budget tracking including planned, actual, forecast variance by study, by site, by category etc and platform also comes with ability to create new reports and dashbaords with point-and-click and drag-and-drop. Data can also be exported into excel or csv format if needed.